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COVID-19 Detection Canines | Biohazards Dogs

“Bio Detection Dog Services”

Event venues, airports, & farmers alike can use trained Priority 1 Canines for detection of biohazards like COVID-19 and agriculture pathagens. Priority 1 Canine is proud to announce we provide biohazard detecting canines for the specific purpose of detecting COVID-19 and keeping the global food supply safe from pests & diseases, as well as the safety of the public gathered in large numbers from the spread of COVID-19.

COVID-19 has a Specific Odor

This video demonstrates protection dogs detecting COVID-19. These are not our protection dogs or our training team, posted for the purpose of demonstrating the capability of protection dogs detecting COVID-19.

Our K9 Bio Detection Services include:

COVID-19 Detection Dogs

Cutting-edge, safe COVID-19 training aid, which is yielding a 99% detection proficiency in our Bio-Detection K9s ensuring the most cost effective, proficient answer to COVID-19 Detection on the market today. The World is still dealing with the economic disruption of the presence of COVID 19 and the Delta variants where one person can infect a host of people at one time. COVID detection by Canine helps:

  • Airports
  • Hospitals
  • Music Halls
  • Sports Arenas
  • Governments
  • and private hosted events
to detect COVID before it can enter the venue and infect people on their grounds.

Agriculture Pathogens

Today's farmers use advanced technology and any advantage they can get to produce the highest yield for their investment. Bio detection canines can detect pathogens and micro-organisms such as:

  • White Flies
  • Plum Pox Virus
  • Curcurbits
  • Citrus Canker
  • Huanlongbing HLB
finding the presence of agriculture pathogens before the virus, fly, or mold can completely ruin a field of fruit or entire crop. Identifying crop pathogens before they spread is essential to minimizing the threat of crop loss and the spread of deadly plant pathogans and organisms.

Priority COVID Protection Dogs

It is clear that well trained protection dogs can detect COVID-19. When we consider that until events like the Olympics, Major Leauge Sports, Movies, Malls, Concerts open to the public our economy will not be prolific investing in protection dogs to detect COVID-19 can help get us back to living and keep our economy strong and growing.

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