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No Security Like Protection Dog Security

Having a Priority One protection dog is as close as you can get to having your own personal security detail. Not only will this dog determine who or what a real threat is, but also will do so without "false alarms". Receiving false alarms are common with home security systems and technology that is susceptible to malfunctions and manipulation by outside forces. If an intruder forces his way into your home he can also force you to disable your security system. Simply put, that cannot happen with a Priority One protection dog.

Two words describe this dog: foolproof security.

Imagine you have worked hard to become a symbol of status in the community. You have provided it all for your family: luxury cars, exotic vacations, a position of importance in your company, and, importantly, a beautiful home. These things immediately make you a target for crime. It is important to not be afraid of such targets, rather to be prepared for them.

Unfortunately, there are countless examples in the media exemplifying situations just like those above. For example:

It is not our intention to promote fear, we promote a solution to fear. When we hear of horrific tragedies like this we wish these families had a protection dog guarding the family and estate. As a former police officer nothing makes us more sick than this reality; we protect families before nightmare scenarios can occur.

Criminals Casing Your Estate Will Quickly Notice Your Protection Dog.

Would this have happened if these families had a Priority One protection dog? While we cannot say for certain, the odds most definitely would have favored these families over the criminals who perpetrated these crimes.

Be Prepared!

Having a security dog certainly does not eliminate criminals. However, having a security dog DOES reduce your risk of becoming a victim of one of the many violent crimes that occur, particularly home invasions and attacks. It would be practically impossible for someone to break into your home without your security dog noticing. If that occurred your security dog would be highly trained and skilled to handle the situation in the best way to protect you and your family. There is no lag time waiting for emergency response when you have a Priority One security dog. Your security is available 24/7, is immediate, and is highly trained to protect YOU. Don't allow yourself to be a victim. Be prepared!

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