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Find Your Perfect Protection Dogs: Elite and Fully Trained

Real Protection. Right Now.

As security threats get more sophisticated, So Do We.
Merging technology & world class protection dogs. Ask us about EDWS Technology.

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If your family would be a good match with us then get in touch to learn more about the process and our available protection canines.

We Are

Priority One Canine

Our protection dogs are family safe and great with kids. We first train Priority One Canine dogs in our own home. They are rigorously adapted to the home environment and family situations. Among our clientele are CEO's, Professional Athletes, Royal Family Members, and Prominent Actors. We maintain the highest level of privacy while working hand-in-hand with your family, to secure your family & estate.

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EDWS Technology

Early Detection Warning System

Combining state of the art technology with elite protection canines provides an even greater sensitivity and alert response. When your Priority 1 Canine protection dog is connected to a security system on your estate it is your highly trained protection dog who will be the first to interact with anyone intruding on your property.

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Available Protection Dogs

family friendly Security Dogs Family safe protection dogs

Family Friendly Protection Dogs

Priority One's family friendly protection dogs receive the world's best training in our home with our own family. Our unparalleled delivery process and family training includes a 3 to 4-day in-person training that welcomes your new protection dog to your family and empowers your family to love their new best friend, then how to utilize them if needed.

Priority 1 Canine Dog Food

The Best Security in the World Requires the Best Nutrition.

High protein freeze-dried raw food formulated for Large Active Dogs. Savory recipes packed with every nutrient it takes to keep big dogs like a #P1K9 healthy, active and alert.

We're Ready, Are You? Let's Talk Real Security For You and Your Family. Join the waiting list now!

Priority 1 Canine evaluates your estate, family, and security needs before we hand-select and train your Priority 1 Canine. Give us a call and we would love to discuss your needs.

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The Priority 1 Canine Advantage

  • 1

    Perimeter Search

    Secure the perimeter of your property on command to ensure potential threats are not lurking on your property or spying from a distance.

  • 2

    Interior Check

    Before letting the kids run to their rooms, your protection dog will quickly scout the house for intruders who may have gotten in while you were away.

  • 3

    Guard Command

    It may not be clear what level of threat someone is, in the meantime hold the threat motionless without harm, unless they try to move that is.

Find out how our protection dogs can protect your family?

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