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Technology Advanced Estate Security

Early Detection Warning System (EDWS)

Early Detection Warning System - "EDWS"

Priority 1 Canine is a Security Company at the Pinnacle's Edge of Estate Security Expertise. We've Combined Cutting Edge Technology & Elite Protection Canines creating the Fastest, Most Effective Estate Security.

Elite Canine Protection Alerted by Heat & Motion Sensors

Heat & motion sensors alert your family friendly protection dog of a perimeter breach, without having to hear or be told, your protection canine is off to search the perimeter of your property to ensure potential threats are not lurking on your property or casing from a distance.

Early Detection Warning System - EDWS

Police and Military Readiness Training​

Priority 1 Canine family safe protection dogs can immobilize a person who has breached your estate's perimeter without touching the intruder. EDWS increases the speed at which your security dog is alerted to a security breach, our protection dog knows which area of the estate to go toward to immobilize the threat.

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