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Dogs and Improved Child Development

Do you remember your childhood pet? Of course, you do -- and for many good reasons! As many studies and articles have reported, there are several profound psychological benefits from positive bonds made with children and their pets.

Psychological and Physical Benefits From Kids With Pets

As the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry has reported, there are many advantages of children raised with pets. With benefits in physical, social, emotional and cognitive development, the family pet can also serve the role of a therapeutic comforter, with the special bond that forms in the relationship.

Childhood relationships with pets can help in the development of trusting relationships with others, as well as non-verbal communication, compassion, and empathy. Knowing that animals, like people, need care, food, water, and exercise has a huge impact on empathy as a child helps tend to these needs. With all the fun of walking, running and playing in the yard, a pet is a great catalyst for exercise. Studies have also shown that infants exposed to dogs are less likely to develop allergies, as reported by The Department of Pediatrics.

The World's Best Family Pet and Protection Dog

Imagine these benefits amplified from having the world's most intelligent family dog that is gentle and plays with the kids, yet would protect your family to the very end. Your canine would know not to pull. Your child can learn how to work with the dog, developing their own skills with the aid and patience you can expect from the world's most elite canine.

Your dog would ensure your family's safety, knowing everything about your home and surroundings, fully aware at all times and knows a breadth of detailed commands, listens and obeys. Priority One Canines receive the world's best training. Our delivery process and training includes a 3 to 4 day in-person training process that is unparalleled, thorough and custom to your family and home for a super smart protection dog that is a loving part of the family.

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