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No Security Like Protection Dog Security

Having a Priority One Canine protection dog is as close as you can get to having your own personal security detail. There are many security systems on the market and available but there is

"No Security Like Protection Dog Security".

Lets look at security options and how they stack up to a Priority One Canine protection dog.

Home Invasion

Security Alarms

The most common type of security systems are security alarms. Security alarms while being a deterrant for when you and your family are not at the estate, have their own issues:

  • False Alarms
  • No One Present
  • Intruder can force someone at the home to turn off the alarm.

Receiving false alarms are common with home security systems and technology that is susceptible to malfunctions and manipulation by outside forces. False alarms, whether from technical errors or from family members, house guests not being used to the system are a common problem. False alarms reduce and confuse the alert as the family could think it is another false alarm. Also, false alarms can be costly with your local police and fire department or alarm system company.

The vulnerability with alarm systems that most people do not think about is the a home introduder can simply force you or someone in the house to turn off the alarm. To enter the code. Once a group of home intruders have had you or someone in the house enter the code silencing the alarm you are at the mercy of the home invaders.

Not only will a Priority One Canine protection dog determine who or what a real threat is, but also will do so without "false alarms". A home invader or group of home invaders can not "Turn Off" a protection dog.


In no way do we recommend a protection dog instead of being trained and armed in firearms, your protection dog can give you that valuable time to get your gun from the safe and to get in optimal position to defend your home and estate.

Guns can be taken from someone if proximity is broken.

Guns may not be accessible as quick as necessary when needed.


Cameras are great... at shooting the movie of your home invasion. Sure, getting a crime recorded on camera helps the police find the perpetrators but what good did it do when you need protection.

Cameras need to be monitored. Cameras can be evaded. Cameras can be turned off if electricity is cut.

High Status High Visibility

You have worked hard your whole life climbing the ladder of your profession and have finally became a symbol of status in your community. You have provided it all for your family: cars, vacations, a position of importance in your company, and, importantly, a beautiful home. These things immediately make you a target for crime and when you are publically visible, criminals know who you are and often, where you are.

It is important to not be afraid of such targets, rather to be prepared for them.

Unfortunately, there are countless examples in the media exemplifying situations just like those above. For example:

High Visibility - An Obvious Target

Many of our clients are professional athletes. When you are on television at a game or tournament in the West Coast, everyone knows that you're not at your home in Conneticut, and that as a professional athlete, you have alot of value at your unattended home. Most importantly, your family!

It is not our intention to promote fear, we promote a solution to fear. When we hear of horrific tragedies like this we wish these families had a protection dog guarding the family and estate. As a former police officer nothing makes us more sick than this reality; we protect families before nightmare scenarios can occur.

Criminals Casing Your Estate Will Quickly Notice Your Protection Dog.

Home intrusion is dramatically less likely to occur when you have a trained protection dog on the premises. First, the protection dog works as a deterrent to keep criminals from planning to attack your home. Unfortunately, a different estate will be targeted that does not have a trained protection dog.

Be alerted to the threat sooner.

Your protection dog will alert you to the threat sooner and would be there with you at the door if someone knocks or rings the doorbell. The criminal will not be able turn the alarm system off when it is a trained intelligent protection dog.

Hold the perpetrator(s) in place if you are unsure of their intentions.

Your protection dog has many features to keep you, your family, and estate safe from home invasion. One feature is that on command they can hold anyone from moving. They will aggressively keep them from making any moves until the purpose of the intruder can be established.

Estate Permimeter Checks

On command or on regular intervals your protection dog will walk the perimeter of your property drawing attention to or drawing out criminals who may be staking out your property or breaching your outer perimeter.

Search the house on arrival.

When your family arrives home your protection dog will do a home search of every room. If there is a criminal hidden in your home, in a closet or in a dark room, your protection dog will find them and alert you to their presence. You will not be suprised or caught off gaurd.

Off Leash travel.

Your protection dog will walk with you everywhere you go if you prefer. Whether you are in a private jet, airport, school, work, your protection dog can stay at your side without issue.

Trained to stay with the Children

We train elite protection dogs military ready security protocols, then we bring the skilled canine into our own home to further train them to be around kids and family. Our Protection dogs are "Fararri's designed to be driven by the kids".

Be Prepared!

Having a security dog certainly does not eliminate criminals. However, having a security dog DOES reduce your risk of becoming a victim of one of the many violent crimes that occur, particularly home invasions and attacks. It would be practically impossible for someone to break into your home without your security dog noticing. If that occurred your security dog would be highly trained and skilled to handle the situation in the best way to protect you and your family. There is no lag time waiting for emergency response when you have a Priority One Canine security dog. Your security is available 24/7, is immediate, and is highly trained to protect you and your family.


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