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Personal Canine Bodyguard Los Angeles

Your Protection and Security Matter

With rising crime rates in Los Angeles, keeping your home and family secure is more important than ever. Home security systems can help deter criminals but aren't a perfect solution and are vulnerable to false alarms and incorrectly being shut off. Residents of Los Angeles have an ever-increasing need for personal home security. Hiring professional security, such as an off-duty police officer, can be incredibly expensive and subject to availability. Because of these changing crime trends and increasing the cost of security, more people are choosing a personal protection dog or personal canine bodyguard to elevate their home security.

People often ask, won't the dog be aggressive? But unlike a police dog, personal protection dogs are selected and trained to mesh into the family they were chosen for, meaning clients get more than a strong sense of security; they are adding a family member.

Why Choose a Protection Dog versus other types of security

Having a Priority 1 Canine protection dog is as close as you can get to having your own personal security detail. There are many security systems and solutions on the market and available, but there is "No Security Like Protection Dog Security."

Home intrusion is dramatically less likely to occur when you have a trained protection dog on your premises. Not only can the presence of a protection dog act as a deterrent for criminals, but it can also help alert you to any potential threats sooner than other forms of home security, such as alarm systems or cameras. On command or at regular intervals, your protection dog can walk the perimeter of your property to draw out any intruders. Furthermore, upon arrival at home, they can search through the rooms in your home to detect any concealed intruders.

Protection dogs are also suitable for off-leash travel with you wherever you go - from private jets, airports, schools, and work - ensuring that your safety is the top priority. Additionally, these dogs are highly trained and prepared to stay with children without wavering, making them ideal for families with young children seeking an extra layer of security.

Ultimately, having a security dog can drastically reduce the risk of becoming a victim by providing an immediate and highly trained form of protection that cannot be turned off or tampered with by an intruder.

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Priority 1 Canine is a leading provider of protection dogs in Los Angeles

With a focus on the highest quality and service, Priority 1 Canine is a premier provider of professional guard dogs to residents, business owners, and celebrities in Los Angeles.

We use only modern training methods to ensure that our dogs are properly prepared for their roles as protectors. We have experience with various dog breeds and select the ideal breed based on our client's needs.

At Priority 1 Canine, we treat every dog like part of our own family. Each canine lives with one of our trainers, eating dinner with their children, riding in their cars, and watching TV with them at night. This way, they become accustomed to environments similar to those in which they will serve as protectors, meaning they are truly ready when it comes time for placement into a home.

Additionally, we offer top-quality service after delivery so our clients can rest assured knowing that their family is being taken care of by elite security dogs from Priority 1 Canine.

What sets us apart

At Priority 1 Canine, we understand that the delivery process is one of the most critical aspects of getting a protection dog. That's why we dedicate 3-4 days to ensure our clients' expectations are exceeded and the new protection dog has everything they need to succeed and thrive in their new home.

From teaching potential family members how to care for, and work with their new companion, to teaching them proper door entrance protocol while greeting guests, our team leaves no stone unturned. Not only do we help with basic commands, but also canines learn all of the exit and entry points around the home as well as the boundaries of their new property.

But most important is the proper introduction between the dog and its new family. Attention to detail is essential when providing guidance and support during these introductions. We even review situational scenarios with our clients so they and their new canine know how to react.

At Priority 1 Canine, our detailed approach to delivery truly sets us apart from our competition – something you won't find with all of our competitors.

More than just security

If you want to elevate your security, consider a personal canine bodyguard. Priority 1 Canine specializes in training and placing elite guard dogs for individuals who want the best protection available. Our dogs are trained in obedience, tracking, detection, and more. Whether you're looking for a family dog, VIP protection dog, or celebrity bodyguard dog, we will find the perfect canine for you. Contact us today to learn more about our protection dog services and how they can help provide a level of security and protection that is unmatched by other solutions.


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