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The Priority 1 Canine Delivery and Family Training Process

So you have been thinking about purchasing a protection dog for you and your family. You’ve spent hours upon hours searching the internet, looking at pictures, and watching video of prospective prospects. You’ve decided on a company and reach out to them. They tell you about "THOR", a dog imported from Germany who is perfect for you and your family. You see Thor’s pictures and a short video and he seems like what a protection dog should look like. You pay the company and they tell you that your new German shepherd will be arriving at the airport next Tuesday and to bring some hot dogs with you. They also tell you to watch the video of Thor as soon as you get home! Oh, by the way you’re supposed to feed Thor some of those hot dogs through the crate before you let him out so you become “friends”.

Our Competition's Delivery:

"Bring some hot dogs to the airport and watch the video as soon as you get home. WHAT?!

At Priority 1 Canine we receive hundreds of calls and emails a month from potential families asking us what sets us apart from the rest and why they should choose us. One answer is simply because of our delivery process.

The delivery process is probably the most important part of getting a protection dog. Could you imagine opening that crate door with "Thor" the first time and hoping everything goes well? Neither could we. When we approve a new family and show up for a delivery we leave no stone unturned. We teach everyone in the family who wants to learn how to operate, care for and work your new protection dog. The dog also needs to be trained in your home to learn all of the exit and entry points, cars, property boundaries, and most important, they need to be properly introduced to you and your family!

The following is an outline our protection dog delivery process. This takes about 3-4 days, you can see how educational it can be.

The Priority One Canine Delivery Process Example Calendar

Day 1:

  • 9AM Arrive at Client's Residence
  • 9-9:30AM Introductions and Familiarization of Estate, Home Grounds
  • 9:30-10AM Orientation of Equipment
  • 10-10:30AM Canine Care: Feeding, Grooming, Monthly and Yearly Vet Care, etc.
  • 10:30-11AM Canine and Family Introductions:
    During this time the family will meet their new canine and start the bonding process with a short walk, play ball, or other non- stressful interaction.
  • 11AM-12PM First Round of Obedience Demonstrated
  • 12-1PM Break for Dog and Lunch
  • 1-2PM Second Round of Obedience with family's working dog
  • 2-2:30PM Question and Answer Period
  • 2:30-3:30PM Third and Final Round of Obedience Training
  • 3:30-4PM Question and Answer Period to End Day 1

At the end of day one, the protection dog will stay with the family

Day 2:

  • 9AM Arrive at Client's Residence
  • 9-9:15AM Question and Answer Period
  • 9:15-10M Obedience Training
  • 10-11AM Introduction to Protection Training
    • Aggression Commands
    • Engagement of Frontal Threat
  • 11-11:30AM Canine Recovery Time. Question and Answer Period
  • 11:30-12PM Second Round of Protection
  • 12-1PM Break for Lunch, Canine Recovery Period
  • 1-2PM Canine Introduction to Estate, Home Grounds. Entry, Exit Locations. Perimeter Threat Analysis.
    • Perimeter Protection Scenario.
    • Engagement of Threat.
  • 2-2:30PM Question and Answer Period to end Day 2

Day 3:

  • 9AM Arrive at Client's Residence
  • 9-9:15AM Question and Answer Period
  • 9:15-10AM Obedience Training
  • 10-10:30AM Interior Protection Training
    • Entry and Exit Locations of Residence
  • 10:30-11AM Canine Recovery Time. Question and Answer Period.
  • 11-11:30AM Second Round of Interior Protection Training
  • 11:30-12PM Canine Recovery
  • 12-12:30PM Third Round of Interior Protection Training
  • 12:30-1:30PM Canine Recovery and Lunch
  • 1:30-2PM Interior Search, Residence Clearing
    • Searching from outside to inside
  • 2-2:30PM Canine Recovery
  • 2:30-3PM Second Round of Interior Search, Residence Clearing
  • 3-3:30PM Canine Recovery
  • 3:30-4:30PM Car Jacking Scenarios
  • 4:30-5PM Question and Answer Period to end Day 3

Day 4: If necessary.


As you can see there is a lot that goes into the delivery process of your new protection dog. We even get as specific as teaching you and your family members how to open doors properly while greeting strangers and canine placement during those encounters. We have interactive scenarios with you and teach you how to answer certain questions and what your new canine is thinking and looking for during those conversations. We believe that attention to detail is key for a new family's enjoyment of ownership. Training like this truly sets us apart from our competition.


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