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Protection Dogs: The Ultimate Personal Security

With the epidemic of mass crimes and violence plaguing our society lately, it is certain that personal security is on the minds of many these days. Many consider buying a firearm for protection, others look into home security systems, and yet few consider perhaps the ultimate in personal security: a protection dog.

Perhaps you have never heard of protection dogs or maybe you have never come to know the countless benefits of these animals. Regardless, protection dogs are an incredibly reliable, dependable, and rewarding form of personal security.

What Is A Protection Dog?

Many breeds of domesticated dogs have been designated as “protectors” for their owners throughout history. A protection dog, however, is not just a domesticated dog that simply barks at visitors or intimidates the mailman. Priority 1 Canine dogs are highly skilled and trained to do one thing: keep you and your family safe.

We choose some of the best dogs on the planet to be trained using the most up-to-date, technologically advanced training methods possible to produce the ultimate personal protection. The added benefit, with this advanced personal protection also comes a loving, loyal family friend that functions in a normal living environment in your home.

Families do not have to worry about having a firearm in the home with small children. You don’t have to worry about a home security system being disarmed by a potential intruder. You can rest easy knowing your family is protected 24/7 by an intelligent protection dog that is trained to do just that and will be immune to many of the potential snags of other forms of security.

Which Breeds Make The Best Protection Dogs?

While many different breeds can be trained as personal protection dogs, Priority 1 Canine typically uses:

Safety is certainly a concern for many of our potential customers.

How can we be sure our dogs are safe?

Simply put, we put our potential dog candidates through a rigorous testing process to ensure ideal temperament and highest quality. Although these dogs are extremely rare, we search until we find them and do not settle for anything less. Many of our dogs come from Europe where we have established long-running, trusted relationships with renowned breeders. However, we do also breed, raise, and train our own dogs here in the US as well. There are no boundaries, as we only want the very best quality dog for your protection and demand that these dogs are safe.

Is A Protection Dog Right For You?

A protection dog is not for everyone. Cost is often a prohibitive factor, as well as other extrinsic factors such as allergies, lack of space, dislike of dogs, and even fear. Priority 1 Canine is not in the business of mass-producing protection dogs. We aim to produce the highest quality, best trained protection dogs possible.

Because we do not settle for anything less than the very best and maintain the highest standards when it comes to training, this obviously requires a substantial cost of effort, time, and money. However, consider what your family’s protection is worth to you. What is peace of mind worth to you?

If you think you may be interested in pursuing the best, most qualified, expert personal protection dogs possible, please visit our website or contact us today for more information.

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