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Top 6 Protection Dogs For Sale in 2023

Dogs have been used as protection animals for centuries. They are loyal, fierce, and protective of their family and property. These dogs will protect your home and family with their lives. Here is a list of the six best protection dogs for sale in 2023.

Here at Priority 1 Canine, the breeds we most often work with are German Shepherds, Dutch Shepherds, and Belgian Malinois.

Top Protection Dogs For Sale by Priority 1 Canine

German Shepherd

German Shepherds are intelligent, fiercely loyal animals with an impressive work ethic that makes them great guard dogs. They are also relatively easy to train for an experienced trainer. This make's them an ideal choice for people who want a reliable companion without spending too much time on training. However, German Shepherds require much socialization from a young age to avoid becoming too aggressive or dominant toward other animals or people.

This breed is intelligent, strong, and obedient, making them excellent guard dogs. They have good hearing and a high capacity to become excellent watchdogs. However, German Shepherds can be challenging to train if you're not experienced in handling this breed. Still, a German Shepherd will quickly become a loyal and obedient companion with the proper training.

German Shepherd.jpeg

Dutch Shepherd

The Dutch Shepherd is a versatile guard dog that can be used for police work, military work, and as a guide dog. These dogs are highly intelligent, loyal, and devoted to their family. They thrive in active environments and will do anything to do the job with diligence.

Dutch Shepherds can be stubborn sometimes, but training can easily remedy this. These dogs are also very obedient and patient, making them easy to train. Their high intelligence also makes them excellent guard dogs who will not take unnecessary risks.

They can be trained to perform various tasks, including protecting your home and family.

Dutch Shepherd.jpeg

Belgian Malinois

Belgian Malinois is another popular breed of protection dog. These loyal and affectionate dogs are brave, energetic, and intelligent. They have a strong sense of determination and will stop at nothing to protect their family when they feel they are being threatened.

Belgian Malinois are very intelligent dogs who can be trained to perform various tasks, including protecting your home and family. Their strong sense of loyalty makes them ideal companions for people who like to take their dogs with them wherever they go, even on outdoor adventures.

Belgian Malinois.jpg

Other Protection Dog Breeds


Rottweilers are known for being fearless and loyal protection dogs who will protect their family by any means necessary. They are intelligent animals with impressive work ethics that can be trained to perform various tasks. Rottweilers require socialization from a young age, but they make excellent guard dogs and companions. They have a natural protective instinct, intense loyalty, and a sweet personality that makes them very affectionate and loving toward their family.

These dogs are loyal, brave, and intelligent, making them excellent guard dogs with a strong work ethic. When appropriately trained, they will become one of the most loving and trustworthy companions you could ever ask for.


Doberman Pinscher

Dobermans are loyal and affectionate dogs who make excellent guard dogs. They have an impressive work ethic and will protect their family with their lives, even if they must choose between saving the family or their own life.

They are intelligent and brave enough to withstand attacks without endangering themselves or others. You can tell a Doberman is a protection dog just by looking at its demeanor; they are loyal, brave, and aggressive. However, this doesn't mean they can't be friendly, loving dogs. They are devoted to their family and will do anything to defend them.

Dobermans have been used as police dogs in various countries due to their loyalty and protective instincts. They are also very easy to train and make a great addition to any family.

Doberman protection dogs.jpeg


Boxers have an impressive work ethic and are very protective of their family. They can become aggressive toward strangers and other animals, but with the proper training, they will quickly be your best friend.

They are affectionate and energetic dogs who need a loving family to show them how much they're loved. Boxers will protect their family from threats, large or small, even if it means risking their own lives. They are brave and loyal, making them excellent outdoor enthusiast companions. Boxers stimulate their minds with games and tricks. They can be stubborn sometimes, but their amazing work ethic will make training them worthwhile.

Tips for Keeping Your Protection Dog Happy and Healthy

Just like any other animal, dogs need love and care to thrive. They will be more loyal and work harder if properly cared for. Here are some basic tips for keeping your protection dog happy and healthy.

Train with Your Dog Training your dog is essential to being a responsible dog owner, but you want to keep it fun. Training should be positive and never painful for the dog; use treats, praise, and lots of enthusiasm. The right training games can be a great way to bond with your dog and give them some exercise.

Ensure your dog gets the proper exercise Take your dog for a run around the yard when you get home from work, or take them for a nice long walk in the morning before going to work. This will give them some exercise and keep them healthy and happy! Take your dog out for walks every day, even if it seems like your dog doesn't want to go.

Feed Your Dog the Right Meals Dogs are carnivores, so you want to feed them a diet high in protein and low in carbs. Ideally, your dog should eat a 1/3 cup of food for every 10 pounds of body weight. If you're unsure, talk to your vet to determine which diet is right for your dog. For working dogs, we recommend Fidelis Nutritionals.

Feed Your Dog Fresh, Clean Water Dogs need fresh, clean water to be healthy and happy. Ensure that if the water sits in your dog's bowl for an extended amount of time, you replace it with fresh water periodically. If you're unsure how much water your dog should have, check with your vet.

Watch for Signs of Illness or Stress in Your Dog If your dog is sick or stressed, it will not be able to perform its duties as a protection dog. Symptoms of stress include aggression, panting, excessive barking, scratching at doors and windows, excessive salivation, and more. You should consult your vet for advice if you notice any of these signs in your dog.

Top Protection Dogs for Sale

If you are looking for the best protection dogs for sale, these breeds will make excellent additions to your family. All of them are loyal and loving animals who will protect their family at all costs. Taking care of your dog is important so they are happy and healthy.

If you want a guard dog for sale that will make an excellent canine companion, then buy any of these breeds! They will do their job well and be there when you need them most.


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