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German Shepherd Protection Dog

Meet Rsza, the epitome of grace, strength, and unwavering loyalty. With a luxurious coat of solid black fur that shimmers in the sunlight, Rsza captivates with her striking beauty and formidable presence. Yet, beneath her regal exterior lies a gentle and nurturing spirit, making her not only a formidable protector but also a beloved companion, especially adept at caring for children.

Responsibility & Heart

With an innate sense of responsibility and a heart overflowing with affection, Rsza effortlessly bridges the gap between guardian and playmate. Her keen intelligence and intuitive nature allow her to anticipate the needs of her young charges, whether it's keeping a watchful eye during playtime or providing comfort and reassurance in times of need.

Imposing | Gentle & Patient

Despite her imposing size, Rsza possesses a gentle touch and a patient demeanor, ensuring that even the smallest members of the family feel safe and cherished in her presence. Her warm, amber eyes radiate kindness and understanding, forging an unbreakable bond of trust and companionship with every gentle wag of her tail.

Great with Kids!

Whether it's playing in the backyard, snuggled up for storytime, or standing vigilant by their side, Rsza is more than just a protector—she is a devoted friend, confidant, and steadfast guardian. With Rsza by their side, children can explore, learn, and grow with confidence, knowing that they are cherished and protected by a loyal companion who is always there to watch over them.

Status Available
Gender Female
Date of Birth April 9, 2022
Price $105,000

About The Breed: German Shepherd Protection Dog

The German Shepherd Dog is one of America's most popular dog breeds — for good reason. They are amazingly versatile, excelling at almost anything they're trained to do: guide and assistance work for the handicapped, police and military service, herding, search and rescue, drug detection, competitive obedience, and, last but not least, faithful companion. They're intelligent and capable working dogs. Their devotion and courage are unmatched.

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What makes the German Shepherd a Great Protection Dog?

German Shepherds are often used as protection dogs because they are intelligent, strong, and have a strong instinct to protect their territory and their owners. They are also highly trainable and are often used in police and military work and search and rescue operations.

Some of the specific characteristics that make German Shepherds well-suited for personal protection work include:

Intelligence: German Shepherds are known for their intelligence and are easily trained to perform a variety of tasks. This makes them well-suited for protection work, as they can be taught to recognize and respond appropriately to different threats.

Strength and athleticism: German Shepherds are powerful and athletic dogs that are capable of carrying out physically demanding tasks. They are also fast runners and have a strong bite, which makes them effective at deterring and overpowering potential threats.

Instinct to protect: German Shepherds have a strong  instinct to protect their territory and their owners, which makes them naturally inclined to serve as protection dogs. When properly trained, they can be trusted to react appropriately in any situation.

It's important to note that while German Shepherds can make excellent protection dogs and guard dogs, they need to be properly trained and socialized to be safe and effective. It's also important to consider that owning a protection dog requires significant time and resources and may not be suitable for everyone.

Family Friendly Protection Dog

Many people are concerned that a German Shepherd will not be safe around their family or children when looking for a personal protection dog. But when you choose a Priority 1 German Shepherd, you can rest easy knowing that we only place dogs that we are fully confident are ready and safe for your particular need. When you choose a P1K9, you will get unparalleled personal protection, property protection, emergency response, and also companionship.

Our German Shepherd protection dogs can provide a sense of security and peace of mind for you and your family. They can help deter potential threats and can intervene if necessary to protect you and your family from harm. German Shepherds are also known for their territorial instincts, and they can be trained to protect your property from intruders. German Shepherd protection dogs are also often used in search and rescue operations due to their intelligence and ability to track scents. They can be trained to alert their owners to emergencies, such as fires or medical issues. Our canines will also make a great pet, German Shepherds are known for their loyalty and affection towards their owners, and they can make great companions in addition to their duty as a protection dog.

Where to Find the Right Personal Protection Dogs & Guard Dogs

Prior to being selected as one of our protection dogs, each canine applicant passes a rigorous testing and training procedure, and only the safest, most skilled dogs are chosen. Here at Priority 1 Canine, we take great satisfaction in only choosing the best, highest-quality dogs that are sociable, intelligent, and with a good temperament. Many of the dogs we work with here at Priority 1 are German Shepherds due to their exceptional qualities and disposition. We work with only the most trusted contacts with who we've built strong relationships. Our mission is to raise and train the highest quality protection dogs to keep you and your family safe.

The Priority One Advantage

  • Advanced on and off leash obedience
  • Alert on command and show aggression towards threat
  • Engage threat
  • Release threat on command
  • Guard threat on command
  • Territorial guard/home invasion (protection of family from inside residence)
  • Defense of handler/family in everyday situations (park setting, public setting)
  • Defense of handler/family from vehicle (carjacking)
  • Perimeter search of grounds
  • Interior check (office, hotel, residence)
  • Place command
  • Exposed to living environment
  • Certificate of Health from licensed Veterinarian
  • 6 month health guarantee
  • 1-5 day handler course at residence of client

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